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Support hours

We are usually online around the clock!

Please note that while we always strive to answer your questions as soon as humanly possible, sometimes we are not able to do so for whatever reasons and we ask you to be patient during these times.

Support rules

  1. Information you should provide when making a post.
    • Your question or problem.
    • Your WordPress version.
    • Your theme or plugin version.
    • Link to your site (It’s much easier to diagnose something when we can see it).
    • If you are developing on a local server, post a screenshot to show the problem.
    • If needed, any additional plugins you’re using besides what was included with the main file.
    • In some cases we may request that you send us login details.
  2. We answer questions as quickly as we can, but remember, we are most probably in a different timezone to you, we have to sleep, rest at the weekend and sometimes take a break like a regular human being. Don’t be rude, vulgar, or use bad language or be disrespectful of anyone. We want to keep this a safe friendly place.
  3. Remember that you can only ask ONE question per ticket and you need to avoid asking multiple questions for one. This is good both for you and us, and will help the agents to concentrate on one question instead of long unrelated back and forth conversations.


All sales are handled Envato handles all refund requests. You can read more about this process here.


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Email Notifications

The email address from your profile may be used to send you different email notifications. You are able to follow certain tickets, and you will be notified about the replies to these tickets using the provided email address. You are able to unfollow the tickets, if you don’t want to receive this notifications.