After installing and activating plugin, now its time to configure the plugin.

Click on "Global Settings" link from "MegaPoll" menu.

From here you can set General settings, reCAPTCHA settings, Google Fonts, Export settings and Default styles as displayed in below screen shot.

1) General Settings

You can set Autosave and Language options.


You must have API keys for reCaptcha. Read more about reCAPTCHA.

3) Google Fonts

There are two methods to use Google Fonts.

  • Google Fonts API Key
  • JSON file (Default)

To get API key follow below steps.

  1. Logged in to your Google account
  2. Go here
  3. Create a project (example: "megapoll")
  4. Click APIs Under the APIs & auth menu
  5. Turn on Web Fonts Developer API
  6. Click Credentials under the APIs & auth menu
  7. Create a new browser key
  8. Copy and paste the google api key into the "Google Fonts API Key" input.

4) Google Fonts

You can set Export options.

5) Default Styles

You can set Default Styles for the fields.